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Many entrepreneurs are thinking about founding an offshore company.

The three most common reasons for this are:


Business-related relocation

Business makes it necessary for the company to move another subsidiary or even the entire company abroad.


Lower taxes abroad

The entrepreneur is dissatisfied with his or the company's current tax burden and wants to optimize this aspect.


Location for the location-independent

The company's operations are by nature location-independent. Now the best overall solution in terms of company location is to be found.

One possible solution Malta.

Why Malta? 5 reasons!


Malta: Attractive for entrepreneurs from many sectors

But beware: Malta is not for everyone!

Why? The current tax transparency makes it impossible to “simply move the company“.

By the way, this applies to every country and not specifically to Malta.

As a consequence, the domestic tax office may not “buy” the offshore company formation, high back taxes could ensue. And often quite rightly so.


It is better to do it right the first time and check in advance if it makes sense to found an offshore company.

There is also no need for an expensive appointment with a tax consultant, as our DWP QuickCheck has shown.

Check with the DWP Quickcheckif Malta can be an option for you and your business and avoid mistakes when setting up your company there!

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Information on your company's perspective turnover

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Information on your company's perspective profit

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Is your company tied to your country of residence or international?

This question assumes that your company is currently not operating from Malta.

Question 10/14

How far has your company progressed?

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How is your company physically structured?

Necessary office space, employees, physical components.

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Our top lawyers have identified 14 success factors for a company formation in Malta. This resulted in the first and only test of its kind, the DWP QuickCheck.

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About the DWP QuickCheck

Did you know – we reject 9 out of 10 requests.

Why? Because we can only accept the mandate for clients who are 100% committed to following the righteous path. This means that as soon as there are indications that make the legal & commercial feasibility of a structure contestable, we don’t even start with the implementation. A big difference compared to many others. Hence, in order not to put you or us in an unpleasant situation, we subject all requests to a careful and extensive pre-screening process.


In return: satisfaction guaranteed! 97% of our clients are served beyond the founding year.

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Do the DWP QuickCheck now and check your qualification!

5-Step Plan to Success

Do the DWP QuickCheck now and check your qualification!

Boost your success with the proven DWP#12-Formula for setting up a company in Malta

Over 30 experts in specific fields

Our law firm employs experts in all relevant areas of law in their specialist fields. They are at your disposal with their expertise.

Your case – your personal contact

Our clients each receive a personal contact person who is responsible for them after the company has been formed. This ensures that you are speaking to someone who is familiar with your case.

Over 15 years of experience & still dynamic

Experience and dynamism combined – this is how DWP can ensure that you receive the best and, at the same time, current and up-to-date advice

Everything from one source

Our vision: We do not just want to be your law firm, but your partner. Therefore, we offer all services from one source, from foundation to accounting and auditing.

Immediate results with DWP QuickCheck

The specially developed DWP QuickCheck enables us to check your eligibility for setting up an offshore company.

Up-to-date: Information on the latest laws

Our team is always informed about current tax laws and regulations. As soon as a change is relevant for you, we initiate the necessary processes.

All-Inclusive-Package after DWP QuickCheck eligibility test

Our broad portfolio enables us to advise you on a wide range of topics.

Highest data security

Your data are well protected with us. Through various security systems such as IP blocking and servers exclusively in Europe, we ensure that your data is in the best hands.

Standardisation and individualisation

Personal contact and your satisfaction are our highest priorities. Our standardized processes not only allow process optimization but also time for who really matters – you.

97% success & satisfaction guarantee

Since the foundation of DWP Dr. Werner & Partner, 97% of all mandates have remained with us in the year following its foundation.

Honest consultation without pressure

If a foundation does not make sense in your specific case or is questionable in terms of tax laws, we will tell you. For us, the legal feasibility outweighs the mere closing.

Case-by-case approach

Many factors play a role when founding a company. We look at your individual case and advise you exclusively on an individual basis.

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